Pest Problems Pervading in the UK: The Not-So-Fun Facts You Need to Know as a Property Owner


If you’ve ever questioned why insects are omnipresent wherever humans live, you have to understand that approximately seven out of every 10 living species that have been discovered are actually some type of bug.

By definition, we live in a world that’s quite literally dominated by creepy crawlies.

Compelling Info Concerning Common Pests

To recognise the true gravity of a vermin infestation, you have to get into the head of the vermin in question:

  • Rats have herculean capabilities. They can chew through metal sheets, reproduce every 21 days, carry lethal diseases without exhibiting symptoms, and some species can be submerged underwater for nearly five minutes.
  • Bee problems exacerbate very fast. It is not unheard of for a bee colony to exceed a population of 75,000 within its hive, and honeybees can live through even the cruellest of winters.
  • Cockroaches are the sprinters of the bug continuum. These filthy pests have appendages that can twitch more than 25 times per second, and they can reach a whopping speed of nearly four miles per hour.
  • Flies have freakish digestive systems. Scientists have ascertained that a fly poops basically every time it stops flying, so don’t take that next bite if one has landed on your dish.

Industry experts suggest circumventing pernicious bug killing chemicals due to their adverse health consequences, which is why you should appoint one of the certified pest control services in Cornwall for a non-hazardous cure.

No Infestation Is Too Much to Handle

With years upon years of experience and a sophisticated approach to eco-friendly eradication, insect problems are child’s play for your local pest control mavens.

They are the ultimate problem solvers and trouble shooters, so invite an accredited technician into your property ASAP.

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