Maximise your home office space: 9 simple steps


Working from home comes with some great perks; you have more flexibility about how and when you work, you can design your work environment any way you like, and there is no costly and time-consuming commute to and from the office every day.

But you must be super organised and motivated to make working from home a success.

Home offices are often the smallest rooms in the house. In order to maximise their potential as the hub of your working life, you need to make the best use of all the available space and utilise every square inch. That means clearing out all the distractions, and working out what would allow you to work most productively and efficiently.

Here are 9 simple steps you can take to maximise your home office space;

Have a Clear Room Layout

The first step is to determine your available office floor space. Measure the dimensions and then sketch the measurements onto a piece of paper. Include the windows, doors and all in-built furniture and add them to your sketch. Once measurements are completed, determine the furniture that must stay and the items that need to be replaced, and add in any new furniture and equipment coming. Sketch them onto the paper and then calculate the remaining space you have left. The standard rule is that there must be a minimum 3 foot walkway for human traffic.

Declutter Your Available Space

Once you have created the all-important 3 foot walkway in the office, your next move is to declutter. Any items you don’t use, and outdated bits and pieces that you have collected but no longer need, should be gotten rid of. Plastic boxes can be used to collect together items that you still need to have access to, but not regularly, and which can be stored in the garage, or attic, or somewhere that doesn’t take up room in your office. These may include books, files and stationery.

Maximize the Wall Space with Vertical Shelving Units

Vertical shelves and storage options usually offer more saved floor space than horizontal storage. Your office shelving units can be custom-designed to provide more efficient storage. With wall mounted shelves, there will be more space on the ground, hence less clutter and less risk of accidentally knocking your foot on ground furniture. You can easily attach the vertical shelves to the walls with screws and nails. Vertical shelves will keep your essential papers tidy without creating clutter on your main desk.

Add Sliding Cabinets to Furniture

Sliding cabinets provide a much more convenient storage compartment for items you need regularly. Simply slide the cabinets out, and take whatever you want to take and then slide them back into their compartment. This increases efficiency and reduces the chances of creating clutter in your office.

Use an ‘L’ Shaped Desk Instead of Regular Rectangular, Circular or Square Desks

The L-shape desk can offer two work stations instead of one, hence it is more practical than a regular desk. With the L-shape desk, you can use one side for your computer workstation and the other for paperwork and they fit neatly into the corner of an office.

Opt for Wireless Technologies

You can save office space by opting for sleek and slimmer devices and computers. They make the office appear roomier and less clumsy. Wireless technology will also allow you to multitask and free up space. For instance, you can use headphones to answer phone calls, while you perform other tasks on your computer. Wireless devices give you the chance to move freely in your office while you stay connected to other tasks. Wireless devices also ensure that wires and cords that create clutter, are kept to a minimum.

Create Well-Illuminated Office

Most people underestimate the importance of good lighting in an office. Make sure your workspace allows natural light to enter during the day. You can add a sconce to create cosy lighting that will motivate you to stay active and achieve your goals. You can also hang overhead track-lights at an angle that will create direct lighting in your office. A well-lit office will bring positivity that can make a lasting feel good impact on the way you work. You may want to play around with different lighting arrangements until you discover the one that works perfectly for you.

Get a Virtual Assistant

You will eliminate the need for paperwork and also reduce stress and workload by hiring a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is just a virtual secretary, who can handle some of the administrative tasks for you at a cost that is not as high as a traditional secretary. A virtual assistant will ensure that you get things done quicker, without creating more clutter in your office. You can learn more about the benefits of office hacks such as a virtual assistant at Virtual assistants can handle almost any kind of office work these days, including admin, accounting and appointments.

Set Up a Weekly Cleanout Routine

Clutter can quickly build up in your office when you don’t schedule a routine cleanup. With a weekly routine, you can sustain your efforts at maximising your office space and keep on top of all those items of paperwork and junk that can quickly build up.

No matter how organised you are, there will always be items that need clearing up every week. Your weekly cleaning routine could include emptying the rubbish bin and waste paper basket and cleaning dusty furniture, keyboards and cabinets. You can learn more about making your office clean and well-optimised with this link;


In conclusion, maximising your office space does not begin and end with getting more practical office furniture or decluttering your desk. Maximising your office space also includes being disciplined and resolute about your intention to keep the space clear and tidy. The results of a clear office on your motivation, readiness to work and productivity are well worth the little bit of time it will take to prepare and maintain the space.

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