Loft Conversions – The Answer to your Need for Extra Space


Due to the high cost of building, more and more UK homeowners are looking to increase their living space by making good use of existing space, namely, the loft. A loft conversion is extremely affordable when compared to other ways of adding living space, as you already have the structure in place, and with some alterations, that much-needed extra living space will soon be available.

Professional Advice

If you would like to explore the potential that a loft conversion offers, talk to an affordable building company in Tipton, who would be happy to send an expert to your home, where he can inspect the loft and give you a professional opinion.

What Does a Loft Conversion Involve?

Having your loft converted into living space would involve the following:

  • Creating a floor.
  • Insulating the ceiling (created with plywood).
  • Boxing in water tank and any other items that cannot be moved.
  • Installing skylights for natural lighting
  • Installing extractor fans for ventilation

Aside from all of the above, you will need a special drop down ladder to be fitted, which allows for easy access. After the main conversion work is finished, you can begin to think about decoration, and, of course, insulation is essential. LED lighting and a few extra power sockets completes the transformation, and you can use your new room for a range of things.

A loft conversion is the most cost-effective way to increase your living space, and with a local builder who has extensive experience, it won’t be long before the project is completed and you can make good use of the extra space.

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