Interior Design Tips for Organizing your Living Space


How do you feel if you come home to relax after a tiring day at work? Ideally, your home, most essentially the living space must encourage a sense of calm and peace to give you a haven to unwind and recharge your energy to face another day.

If your living space is cluttered, cramped, and outdated in its décor, it might need a complete touch-up. You can turn your living space into a refreshing refuge with these simple interior design tips.

Remove the Clutter

Even if this might seem obvious, one important principle of Feng Shui is that a home that is disorganized is rife with negative energy. This can also lead to conflict between the visiting guests and family members. It can cause confusion and foggy mind. Set aside a day to organize any unnecessary stuff in your living space. You might choose to sell larger items like furnishing, and substitute it with customized furniture.

Indulge Your Senses

To feel good in your living space, you can add luxurious, plush pillows to your couch, lighting an indoor fuel gel fireplace or burning an aromatic candle to promote relaxation. With regards to indulgence, the old rule applies: if it feels good then do it. The point is to make a decadent atmosphere where you can feel safe and pampered day in and day out.

Decorate in Pairs

Decorating 2 by 2 lamps, mirrors, and pictures can bring harmony and balance in a room. This simple decorating tip can bring a sense of serenity by helping you to feel organized. When buying furniture, ensure to purchase two end tables for every corner of the couch with two matching lamps to bring stability to a busy room.

Less is more

Sometimes you feel anxious in a room if there are lots of items taking up space. Even if it may be tempting to over decorate your living space, leaving extra space will help you feel calm and relaxed. Another tip that works to make sense of space is to paint a table or bookshelf the same shade as the wall it is leaning against, so it appears to shrink into its surroundings.

Lessen Bright Overhead Light

Harsh light in your living space can make it almost impossible to relax at the end of the day, reminiscent of dazzling fluorescent lights in an office. Living space lighting works best with premeditated lights put in diverse parts of your room.

When reading a book on the sofa, you can utilize a side lamp. When entertaining visitors or guests, consider setting up an overhead dimmer switch to regulate the lighting for a more welcoming setting.

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