Important Facts about Today’s Electrical Contractors


If you’ve been trying to hire a local electrical contractor to perform work on your home, it’s important to understand the salient ins and outs of this integral profession, especially if you’d like to ensure that you’re hiring the right person.

Electrical Work Requires Some Serious Qualifications

First things first; it’s worth mentioning that today’s electrical experts have to undergo an extensive training regimen and receive numerous certifications before they can provide residential and commercial services:

  • NICEIC approval
  • Qualified by City & Guilds
  • Accredited by SMAS
  • Registered member of ECA

As such, the electrician that you end up hiring should be able to tout all of these credentials.

The Best Electricians Are Very Versatile

Today’s top electrical contractors are also able to tout a dextrous, multifaceted suite of services above and beyond simple rewiring work:

  • Electrical testing, inspecting, and reporting services for insurance purposes
  • Installing and maintaining a wide range of implements including appliances, fire alarms, smoke detectors, emergency lighting, residential systems, commercial hubs, and more
  • Inclusive safety and security installations including burglar alarms, CCTV surveillance systems, data and voice cabling, digital keypads, card readers, and barrier controls, just to name a few of the most prominent options
  • Specialisation with energy-efficient apparatus such as LED lighting, dimmable electronic ballasts, and solar provisions

Their Services Are Affordable and Easy to Understand

Last but not least, it’s important to point out the fact that the most renowned local electrical contractors are able to provide a cost-effective service at a moment’s notice:

  • Complimentary site visits and electrical surveys
  • Fee-free quotations
  • No obligation to purchase any of the recommended services
  • Intuitive survey reports

As you can see by now, today’s electrical experts represent an essential partner for anyone wishing to increase on-site safety, augment energy efficiency, or install contemporary security implements. Feel free to schedule a gratis survey to learn more about how you can improve your home’s most crucial aspects.

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