How To Use The Services Of A Full-Service Construction Contractor


If you are involved in developing commercial buildings or wish to maintain them, you need to go to one company to handle all your design, development, and construction needs. Therefore, you need to rely on a contractor for more than design and construction. The company should be poised to help you with facilities management, property and estate management, and professional services.

Key Professional Services

Some of the critical professional services that are vital to the success of a commercial property owner include the following:

  • Property consultation
  • Mechanical and electrical design consultations
  • Maintenance consultation
  • Specialised reports
  • Building surveys
  • Insurance claims management

For example, professional companies, such as Marshall Property Construction Ltd., ensure full attention to the needs of its clients by offering core services within the commercial, residential, industrial, and retail sectors. Again, these core services are focused on construction, building maintenance, consultation, and facilities maintenance.

Property Consultations

Companies with this type of expertise can assist clients with consultation services, such as property consultations. Because property can be expensive to operate, it helps to refer to a company that can assist you in managing and realising your daily property objectives.

Getting the Best Return on Your Money

By working with a property management specialist, you can outline a portfolio for your real estate that will assist in delivering the best return on your assets. For example, a full retail rent review can be done that features all the steps involved in the negotiation, measurement, and inspection. Use a company with property consultation know-how to interpret lease provisions, negotiate transactions, or establish comparable values.

M&E Design Advice

You can also turn to the same provider for M&E design advice. M&E consultancy services enable you to add the proper mechanical and electrical equipment inside a building. This information is based on a structure’s use and its type and location.

Maintenance Consultation

Maintenance consultation services allow you to take an assessment of your M&E services and assets – all which is necessary for compliance and the generation of revenue. Use the services of consultation professionals to create or evaluate maintenance schedules, make recommendations for equipment designs, or provide cost plans for maintenance projects.

What Are Your Reporting Needs?

You can also use the services of a full-service construction and property management company to supply in-depth reports. For example, engineers or surveyors can provide you with professional reports, such as schedules of dilapidations or schedules of condition. That way, you can receive the data you need to make a reasonable decision about a property concern. Lean on a company that has a reputation for providing user-friendly and comprehensive reports.

Obtaining a Building Survey

If you wish to change a building’s use or are interested in buying a new building, you will need to turn to a construction business that offers building surveys as well. Building surveys are used to evaluate and make recommendations on building maintenance planning and review the compliance condition of a structure. The proper actions are then suggested as required.

Making a Choice

When you have access to a full array of commercial construction, property management, and facilities management services, you can focus more on increasing your portfolio. Count on a company that provides the types of results that generate increased revenues and better helps owners develop and manage their properties.

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