How to Stop Home Invasions


There are numerous questions you should ask yourself when assessing the level of security currently at your home. Nobody want to be the victim of a burglary at home, especially when your loved ones are in the house. There are a wide range of products available on the market to help you keep your premises safe and secure from home invasions and burglary.

Ask yourself the following questions to help assess your current home security measures:

Am I inviting a burglar?

  • It is important not to tempt a thief, do not leave out valuable items which can catch unwanted attention.
  • Keep belongings such as barbeques, bicycles, and lawn mowers out of sight.
  • Store you family possessions in a secured area such as locked garden shed.
  • Use window screens over garden sheds or storage units, this prevents opportunistic thieves from stealing items from your home, it also blocks them from seeing what objects you may have inside.

Are my doors, windows and other exit points appropriately secured?

  • Any locksmith will tell you truthfully that any lock can be broken, but not all locks are easily picked. Choose an expensive model which makes it far more difficult for burglars to enter your property.
  • Remember to change locks immediately if you happen to lose or break a key.
  • If you move into a new house, do not forget to change the locks, new home, new locking system.

How secure are my external surroundings?

  • Ensure your premises has appropriate lighting, it will warn off burglars who do not want to run the risk of being caught.
  • Try to include a lighting system which has a motion sensor device, it will detect any movement and turn on as soon as the sensors are triggered.
  • Install door hinges on the inside of your doors to avoid making it easy for thieves to penetrate your property.
  • Remember to trim any bushes or trees around your property, they can be used as cover for burglars looking to enter your home.

What kind of security do I have on my windows?

  • Burglars always target glass windows as they are an easy target to gain unlawful entrance into a home. One of the best way of securing your glass windows is to install features such as glass protection film.
  • Glass protection film reinforces your current glass windows and makes it far more difficult to smash.

Who is monitoring your home when you are away?

  • A state of art alarm system is great for preventing home invasions, there are a wide range of systems on the market and most come at a very affordable price.
  • Alarm systems can be monitored by security firms who will visit your home when you are away on holiday if the alarm has been triggered.
  • It is important to arm your system when you leave your premises unattended, do not just rely on window stickers advertising the fact your home is alarmed, it will not deter all intruders.

Remember to stay vigilant and carry out a throughout assessment of your current security measures, any improvements will help to prevent home invasions. In cases where you home is on a large sparse of land, hire a good
security guard company. They are weapons-trained and can use a complete AR-10 rifle and handguns to combat crime-attacks against your home.

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