How to Remove a Large Tree Stump from your Property


You may well have inherited an old tree stump or two when you bought the property, and while many UK homeowners mistakenly think there’s nothing that can be done, there are specialist tree surgeons who can completely remove a tree stump, no matter how large. If you have a mental image of a team of strapping young men hacking away with pickaxes, you’ll be happy to learn that there is a machine attachment that can effectively remove any tree stump.

Stump Grinding Machines

These innovative devices comprise of numerous tungsten carbide circular blades that rotate at high speed, and when lowered carefully onto a waiting stump, the machine turns it into sawdust. The best tree surgery in Bournemouth would have at least one stump grinding machine, and it can destroy tree stumps up to a depth of one metre. Once the machine has finished, simply replace the sawdust with sand and topsoil and you can reclaim that wasted space.

Mobile Units

You might be thinking that such a machine is bulky and can only remove stumps when access is adequate, yet these handy devices can be manoeuvred into a tight space and effectively remove the stump.

The benefits

Tree stump removal offers the following benefits to the homeowner:

  • You can build on the affected area once the stump has been removed.
  • The roots will no longer be a risk to the driveway or sewer pipes.
  • With the tree stump removed, your garden looks much nicer.

If you would like a quote for tree stump removal, an online search will help you locate a nearby tree surgeon, who would likely have at least one stump grinding machine.

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