How to Get Your Home Ready for Easter


For many households, Easter is a time to get together and spend time with those members of the family that you don’t see as often as you might like. This year the long Easter weekend begins on 10th April and runs until Easter Monday, 13th April. That means 4 days of seeing the people you love. Of course, what that also means for many people is that with plenty of people due to visit they will want to get their houses looking fantastic and ready to welcome visitors.

Start now!

It is never too early to start getting your home ready for an influx of visitors. After all, you want to relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones rather than worrying about things around the home. The sooner you start the easier the job will be. Set a little time aside each day to tackle a small task, it doesn’t need to be lots of time – you might be surprised by just how much you can achieve in a small 20-minute window.

Room by room

Consider which rooms your guests are likely to visit and start with those now, obviously if anyone is staying overnight you will have more rooms to tackle. A good place to start is with a bit of decluttering. We are all just a little guilty when it comes to piling up the clutter in our home and then moving it from one place to another rather than sorting it out properly. Get this sorted and you will notice the difference in your home instantly. This will also give you a much better idea of what else you need to sort out around the home.

Look at your floors

All too often when people are getting their homes ready for a special event or family gets together, they forget to pay enough attention to the floors. They might mop or vacuum the floor but that is as much as they do. If you have carpets, then it is a good idea to shampoo them at least once a year as this can really help to get them looking and smelling fresh and clean – you may be amazed at the difference it makes.

If you have wooden flooring, then don’t forget to make sure that it receives a little TLC as well, taking good care of your hardwood flooring will ensure that it stays looking its best for as long as possible. Whether you have oak wood flooring or any other type of hardwood flooring, spring is a great time to give your flooring a really good clean. This means moving all of your furniture and really getting into those corners to remove all of the dust and debris that can be missed when you do a normal clean. Your flooring can be cleaned using a damp, not wet, mop and then allowed to dry fully before you put your furniture back into place. If you want to ensure that your floor is looking its absolute best then it can be a good idea to have it professionally cleaned and polished. This can make your wood flooring really stand out and it is sure to be a talking point amongst your guests.


Once you have turned your attention to the floors in your home then why not update a few of your accessories as well to really alter the look of your rooms. A bold new shade of rug for your hardwood flooring will completely alter the look of a room and a few carefully matched throw cushions or pictures will really help to tie a new color scheme together.

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