How to get the perfect lawn in Hertfordshire

  • What is ‘the perfect lawn’?

Well, it’s certainly not mine! I’ve been trying for years to get rid of the darned moss, clover, dandelions and various other unwanted vegetation. Over that period I’ve spent a fortune on a variety of ‘killers’, fertilisers and mystical feeds. All to no long term avail!

I’d even convinced my wife to spend hours on her hands and knees picking out offending intruders. Unfortunately, she’s since left but the weeds are still here.

I’ve seen perfect , albeit nowhere in the vicinity of my property, and they are wonders to behold, never a weed in sight; just a soft, even and luscious green carpet, grass you could eat.

For me, the concrete green option has become ever more appealing.

  • Where have I been going wrong?

The first problem is, I don’t really know what I’m doing; I’ve taken so much advice from so many ‘experts’, perhaps the best advice came from my mate Sid, who has an allotment, he says I should grow spuds!

The truth is I’m confused, I’m for ever taking one step forward and two steps back. What is the right balance of treatments? Even if I knew, I’d probably forget, thanks in large part to my care-free hectic life style.

I know where I’ve been going wrong! I’ve taken on a challenge for which I am ill-suited and ill prepared. It has dawned on me that a glorious manicured lawn can only be achieved through the input of a lawn specialist.

And low and behold, I’ve found one! A specialist lawn company with incredibly impressive credentials and a history of unwavering success. Such joy!

Unfortunately the company is in Hertfordshire approximately 10,000 miles from my front door.

  • The lucky lawns of Hertfordshire!

Should you reside in the Hertfordshire area (including North London and West Herts NW London) then rejoice, treatment for your lawn anxieties is readily to hand … The GREEN BLADE lawn care company has the nous, savvy and expertise to convert your lawn from a weed haven to a green paradise!

GREEN BLADE are a well-established and experienced company in the field (excuse the pun) of lawn care. They don’t just give the usual advice of ‘throw this on and see how it goes’. No, they provide a plan of action initially based upon the results of a soil analysis from your lawn. This soil test is available for you, now! And it’s FREE!

Following the soil analysis GREEN BLADE will compile a suitable plan of action, including ongoing care, to ensure you’ll end up with the perfect lawn!

You pay an agreed monthly fee and they do all the work. A no brainer!

They do what it takes, aerate, scarify, fertilise, feed and wage war on moss and hard-core weeds. You can start planning for a new sun lounger.

For the perfect lawn go now to the GREEN BLADE website and ask for your FREE soil analysis.

Their website is easy to navigate with a ton of useful information, including a price guide.

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