How To Feature Epoxy Resin In Your Home


Epoxy resin creates a high gloss, clear surface that can be customised with colours, patterns and finishes like glitter and stone effect. It’s a popular method for adding the appearance of depth, texture and interest to an interior space, but with the convenience of durability and easy to clean surfaces. Most people recognise epoxy resin by its obsidian appearance. Yet, it’s good to bear in mind that with skilled and quality installation, epoxy can be made to look like anything, including much more expensive marble and high gloss stone. This is how you can inexpensively upgrade your home to feature epoxy resin.


Resin flooring UK is the most common way to use this unique substance because it adds interest to large, otherwise dull spaces. Popular for both domestic and commercial properties, resin flooring is hygienic and easy to clean. It also elevates the appearance of the space, making it appear more affluent and definitely more deluxe. Due to the endless colour options and high gloss of the surface, it also creates an optical illusion to make space feel much bigger than it is. A great, cost-effective way to elevate the appearance of your property.

Art Work & Installations

This is particularly popular for commercial properties looking for a unique way to add interest to waiting rooms, entrances and hallways. However, if the space at your home allows it, an epoxy art installation is a great way to modernize your space and experiment with colours.

You can try to create the art yourself, perhaps after attending a training course to make sure you are using the materials safely, or connect with a specialist artist to make something beautiful and bespoke just for your home.

Statement Tables & Furniture

Epoxy resin is perhaps most popularly known for featuring waterfall or river tables. Alternatively, some carpenters are exploring and experimenting with the appearance of other furniture, including side tables and vanities featuring both clear and coloured resins.

This is a great way to add colour to a natural space. Perfect for rustic or country aesthetics that are looking for a way to balance the technology and modern features in their homes. Specialist carpenters and craftsmen create these pieces, but they are often available for commission or to buy online.

Windchimes & Accessories

A small and beautiful way to pay an ode to this medium, there are unique and independent online shops that sell beautiful gift items, lamps bottoms, coasters and small other homeware items to display in your home. The fluidity of epoxy resin means that it catches the light and can add a twinkle or a spark to your space.

Feature Pieces

As we’ve already mentioned, epoxy resin is an affordable alternative to marble and other expensive feature items. Due to its malleability, this is a perfect way to turn functional spaces into feature pieces, for example, kitchen islands, stairwells and bathroom suites. This is particularly popular for maximising the appearance of small spaces with your personality. Unlike real stone, you can add glitter flakes, choose your colours, add unique swirls and textures that bring a space to life. Due to the sleek finish of epoxy in bathrooms or water closets, many choose to flow their wall art into the floor in a fluid, waterfall effect, which can give the appearance of a bigger space in a efficient room.

Don’t forget, whether you are choosing to dabble in epoxy yourself or are looking for a professional to design and install something unique for your domestic space, epoxy resin is a cost effective alternative to other materials and is a completely customisable!

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