How to Create a Luxury Wetroom


Wetrooms, or shower rooms that replace traditional showers (and sometimes baths as well), are a trend that doesn’t seem to be going out of style any time soon. They are fully tiled, waterproof open shower areas that make for elegant luxury bathrooms and can also make the best use of space in smaller bathrooms.

The basics

Professional installation is required to properly tank, or waterproof, the space and ensure the floor has the right gradient for property drainage. You can opt for a plywood sub-floor which is then tiled over, a pre-made shower former or a very large pre-formed tray which doesn’t have to be tiled over. Your installer or design company can help you select the right option. It’s also good to keep in mind that in small to medium wetrooms you may need a shower screen to prevent splashing.

Start designing

Now on to the fun part – luxurious wetroom design! Whether you’re working on a large or small wetroom there are ways to make it even more comfortable and enjoyable.

First off, why not make a checklist of what you love about wetrooms you’ve seen in other people’s homes or in photo galleries? Perhaps it’s an antique-looking brass shower tap or fantastic subway tiles or a minimalist look that will inspire your entire design. Bookmarking sites can be really helpful for bringing all your ideas together to discuss with your builder. Just be sure to consider everything at the beginning, as you may not be able to go back in and change things once construction starts.

Here are a few luxury features to consider.

Underfloor heating and heated towel rails. Not only does it prevent cold bathroom tiles underfoot, it helps keep the space dryer. Underfloor heating comes in electric mats and gets rolled out onto the floor before your tiles are installed. You’ll find both both budget-friendly and very upscale varieties.

Heated towel rails. On the subject of electric heat, don’t miss out on the chance to add a heated towel rail for a luxurious after-shower experience. They help keep the entire space warm.

High end floor and wall coverings. Tiles are still the most popular choice but vinyl and Corian (a low-maintenance non-porous solution) are also options, as are different types of waterproof plaster. Keep in mind that if you go for any type of porous stone it will need to be resealed quite often. Unless you’re willing to do some DIY sealing or have it done, it’s usually better to go for a non-porous tile. You’ll find marble-effect and other very luxurious tiles that create the same effect but don’t require periodic maintenance. Safety is tantamount, yet beauty need not be compromised for safety, nowadays non slip floor tiles are available in a =multitude of designs and finishes.

Wall hung vanity. You’re re-doing your bathroom so why not? Wall hung vanities (and toilets) can make the space around the wetroom reflect its minimalist style. Also, leaving the floor open beneath the vanity creates the illusion of more space.

Added technology. A waterproof television is an ultra-luxe amenity for a wetroom, and offers various possibilities for viewing pleasure. If you choose to have a bath as well you can relax and watch a film, but they are also perfect for keeping up with the news, or even putting on relaxing zen images and music while showering.

Shower screen. Though not always necessary in a larger area, as mentioned above, a beautiful shower screen can help make the wetroom more practical and therefore luxurious. They can be strategically installed to avoid taking away from the look and feel of the space, and instead leave you free to move as you normally would in the shower. Also, keep in mind that you can have a pseudo wetroom as well – a space that’s only partially enclosed.

Elegant taps. Wetrooms should invoke that luxury feeling from the moment you walk in, and the right hardware can really set the tone. From chrome to brass, matte black and everything in between, this is your chance to choose the ultimate shower fittings.

Also, don’t forget to review drain options for your wetroom. The latest linear drains can be virtually invisible, creating the most elegant of appearances.

Adequate storage. Clutter is never a good look in a luxury space, so include fantastic storage in your wetroom design. From deep drawers with separators to open shelving for a few carefully folded towels, to modern shelving and cabinets, there are different ways to combine storage options and create a unique look that is perfect for your needs.

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