How to Choose the Right Exterior Painting Contractor


A house repaint is not something for the amateur to take on, and before you begin to prepare the surface for that essential few more coats of paint, there is much to consider. Technology has enabled the evolution of high quality paints that stretch with structural movement and provide a much better seal that their ancestors. Then, of course, there is the workmanship, and with painting, this is crucial, which means you need to carefully choose the painting contractor who will carry out the work. If you are about to revamp your exterior and are looking for a painter, here are some useful tips that should ensure you make an informed decision.

  • Focused on Quality – Like most things, choosing a painter should never be solely down to price, and with quality at the top of their list, a reputable local painter would be able to give you a few addresses, and you can inspect their standard of work. This is perhaps the best way to ensure a quality job, and if the company has a website, which it should, there would be testimonials, and maybe even awards and accreditations, which are further evidence of good business practices. If your home is in Melbourne, Prime house painting is the ideal choice, as they are an established company that focuses on quality.
  • Established and Experienced – If a painting contractor has been serving the local company for at least 5 years, you can be sure they have a good name, and with colour and product choice, expect to have their expert advice for free. The average homeowner is not well-versed with the latest in paint technology and by talking to a professional, you might be surprised at your options.
  • Attention to Detail – A good painter will ask questions and make suggestions, so when you ask a contractor for a quote, notice the attention to detail, as any decent company would be very thorough in their approach and with a clear understanding, they would be focused on perfection, rather than a speedy completion.
  • A Solid Warranty – This is essential, and any contractor that is confident of their workmanship would offer a workmanship warranty on all their work. If you choose the right paint, and it is professionally applied, then you will have a durable exterior finish that will protect the structure for many years.
  • Local is Best – If you call in an out of state contractor to do the job, it will likely be more expensive, and not only that, in the event you need them to come back and do some renovations, a local company is much preferred. Sourcing the right company has never been easier, with a simple online search putting you in touch with a suitable contractor, and once you have received their quote and are happy with everything, the work will soon be completed.

Painting is a highly skilled profession and even with the best paint products available, a poor application will leave the end result with a lot to be desired. By following the above advice, your choice of painting contractor will be relatively straightforward.

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