How to best choose an International Removals Company


Whether you’re permanently relocating to another country, or just looking to move a consignment abroad safely and securely, an international removals company is always your best option. Couriers can be expensive, mail services are slow, and these ‘storage companies that offer shipping’ are often far from experts.

However, with an abundance of international removal companies in the marketplace, how do you go about choosing who is the best for your needs?

Here are five tips to help you choose an international removals company

Flexibility is your friend

When it comes to international removals companies, choosing one that is the most flexible to your needs is uppermost. Some removals companies will store your materials or look to combine similar shipments with another customer, just to save themselves money.

With reputable companies such as Movecorp you can be assured that your consignment and satisfaction is all that matters. Whether it’s container shipping to Australia, shipping boxes to Hong Kong, furniture shipping to India, an international removals company will ensure a wide range of international services suits your needs perfectly.

Reputation counts

When you’re choosing an international removals company, trust the ones who have worked building up a trustworthy reputation over many years. A removals company that works nationally and internationally, across sea, land and air, and delivers to all major countries.

Look to choose an international removals company with an abundance of contended corporate, commercial and domestic customers every year – as they’re the ones you can rely on.

Communication helps

One mistake customers often make when choosing an international removals company is to underestimate how vital communication is to the process. Shipping internationally brings a lot of variables, documentation and the occasional hiccup – and you need to be kept updated at every stage.

Once your removal has started, some companies won’t know what’s happening until either there’s a problem, or after it’s been delivered. This doesn’t help you at all. Your prized possessions need to be carefully monitored along their journey, and the only way is to keep the customer informed of progress.

Accreditations build trust

Instead of shopping around, one of the simplest ways to best choose an international removals company is to select one that has the backing of shipping and removals associations.

Look for a company with accreditations and memberships in trade bodies such as :-

  • The Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme
  • International Association of Movers (IAM)
  • Movers Trading Club (MTC)
  • National Guild of Removers and Storers (NGRS)
  • Which? Trusted Traders
  • Freight Transport Association (FTA)
  • Eurovan

Good advice costs you nothing

The best international removals companies are the ones that listen to your needs and then propose a solution to best for your requirements. Even better, they should offer you a no-obligation quotation for your removals consignment, along with delivery estimates.

Large or small, the best international removals company is the one that works for your needs whilst delivering great service at a competitive price.

So, now that you know how to best choose an international removal company, isn’t it time you enquired about which services they can offer you?

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