How Soffits, Fascias, and Gutters Support a Roof


When it comes to exterior improvements such as a roof replacement, soffits, fascias, and gutters all complement and support a roof. Gutters complement a roofing system as they provide a drainage system, thereby reducing the risk of water damage to a home’s interior and roof. Fascias are often added to make gutter installation simplified.

Keeping Your Foundation Safe

Not only do gutters safeguard a home’s roof but they are used to protect the foundation as well. When water flows onto the ground beneath the roof, it can lead to an erosion of the foundation. By having new gutters installed, you lower this type of risk.

Besides protecting the foundation, a guttering system stops the surrounding landscape from eroding as well. If you have plants placed around your house, a reliable guttering system will prevent the runoff of water onto the plants, which can lead to issues with overwatering.

Adding fascias and soffits in Barnsley enables a homeowner to include a ventilation system to correct the airflow within the home. By making this addition, you will reduce the formation of mould, which results from additional condensation.

Keeping the Frame Intact

When new gutters, fascias, and soffits are installed on a house, they keep water from absorbing and damaging a home’s frame. Frames that have been damaged are costly to repair and, in some instances, lead to other damages that cannot be repaired.

When installing new guttering, it is also a good idea to install the fascias and soffits at the same time. Not only will they enhance the kerb appeal of your residence but they will safeguard it, just as the roof does.

Installing gutters, fascias, and soffits of a premium quality will add value to your property and keep it safe from water and infestation. For example, the use of these products will prevent any type of moisture from accessing your rafters, which, as mentioned, can lead to the growth of mould.

Also, these finishing touches keep rodents and insects from taking up residence in your attic. All in all, they are must-have accessories to include whenever you replace your roof.


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