Home Sweet Home: Why Islington Is Becoming One Of The Hottest Cities For Architects To Live And Meet


We all know living in an urban area is becoming more and more popular these days, but it’s not just about the convenience of being close to other people – there are plenty of benefits to living in a city. In this informative article, see why islington might be the perfect place for you!


As the city continues to grow, so does the demand for architects. In fact, according to The Architects’ Journal, Islington has become one of the most desirable cities for architects to live and meet. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. The City’s Growing Economy: With a strong economy and increasing population, Islington is attracting more and more businesses and professionals. This includes architects who want to be close to major infrastructure projects like Crossrail and Heathrow airport.
  2. The Neighbourhoods: While there are many areas in Islington that would be suitable for an architect, some stand out as particularly attractive. These neighbourhoods integrate well with their surrounding communities, promoting a sense of community while still offering plenty of space. Some examples include Haggerston, Finsbury Park, and Angel.
  3. The Quality Of Life: Living in an area with excellent quality of life is important to many architects. Islington offers an abundance of recreational opportunities as well as cultural events and activities. Plus, the city’s architecture is truly something special. From the striking Town Hall tower to iconic Victorian buildings like the Royal Free Hospital, Islington has something for everyone.
  4. The Newer Residential Architecture: Residential architecture in Islington is now very modern and designed to make a lasting impression on future generations. New residential projects like The Angel, the Bishopsgate Institute, and the LUP project by Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners are some of the most exciting examples of this.

Why islington is becoming popular for architects today?

In recent years, Islington has emerged as one of the most popular cities in the UK for architects to live and meet. With its plentiful supply of contemporary architecture, talented professionals, and thriving creative community, Islington is becoming a top choice for those in the architectural field. Here are five reasons why architects are flocking to Islington:

  1. High Demand For Affordable Housing: One of the main reasons why architects are drawn to Islington is its high demand for affordable housing. With an average property price of £328,000, Islington is one of the most affordable cities in the UK for architects to live in. This makes it easy for aspiring professionals to find an apartment or house that fits their budget and allows them to stay close to their work.
  2. Access To Amenities And Resources: Another reason why Architects are choosing to live and work in Islington is its access to amenities and resources. Located just 15 minutes by train from London’s central station, Islington has a wealth of cultural attractions, shops, and restaurants that make it a great place to live and work. Additionally, the city has a number of acclaimed architecture schools that offer both undergraduate and graduate programs, making it easy

What makes this city attractive to architects?

There is something about the laid-back atmosphere in Islington that seems to inspire architects. The city is home to a number of prestigious architecture schools, as well as a wealth of history and culture. Plus, the residents are friendly and welcoming, which makes working here a pleasure.

The city is also getting more and more trendy, with restaurants and boutiques popping up all the time. And while there are some challenges – like high rents and crowded streets – they overall make living in Islington an exciting experience.


If you’re an architect looking to live and work in a city that’s on the rise, look no further than London’s vibrant and growing borough of Islington. With its mix of art galleries, up-and-coming restaurants, and buzzing nightlife scene, this thriving neighbourhood is perfect for those who want to call London their home. Plus, with excellent transport connections (including underground stations right next to the area) and an abundance of green space nearby, living in Islington is definitely a boon for those who love spending time outdoors.

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