Home Maintenance Tips and a Detailed Checklist


This short but thorough list will help you to keep your seasonal inspections systematic and without any oversights whatsoever. Even if you are done with your current checkups, consult the list to make sure you’ve got everything covered.

You will find some DIY instructions in the following article, but please don’t neglect anything and if you are in a need of a professional assistance than call a service. Investing small amounts in your house maintenance keeps you safe from large investments and possibly hazardous accidents. Bear in mind that this list is compiled out of usual appliances that every average home should have. If you have any additional appliances and devices you should, of course, check those as well.

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Tips and a Checklist

  • Clean your kitchen sink disposal.

You will certainly find various recommendations online, but everything that you actually need is some lemon, lime or orange peels. That, or use vinegar, ice and rock salts, and even a baking soda will do the trick. If your sink gets clogged, here is how you can clean it yourself.

  • Test smoke detectors and replace batteries.

A simple task, every detector has a test button and you should check this regularly. Batteries should be replaced seasonally, or at least once in every six months.

  • Check unused spaces.

Especially if you have guest rooms in your house, and you should also check the attic, which we will continue to do in the following step. For now, run water when you can, to prevent filth from building up, and check electric installations.

  • Attic and roof.

Check your roof for damages and possible leaks, especially in the spring time and after windy weather in general. You should also check the exterior drainage.

  • Exterior drainage.

Make sure that all water flows as it should be. Cracks in your foundation appear from time to time and it’s natural, the house is settling in, but you also may have a drainage problem, so inform yourself what are the signs of possible damage.

  • Unclog gutters.

An easy task, but a filthy one as well. If you haven’t done this in more than a year, you should be in for a treat.

  • Air conditioning system.

You should have your AC serviced regularly, and for this part you will need a professional service. Ideally you would want to take care of this annually, and just before summer kicks in. Keep in mind that if you have a central air system in your house the service will be more expensive. In this case, winter is something you should worry about.

  • Heating system.

Get your furnace serviced at least once in every three years, if not more often. Other than that, you should check for leaks in doors and windows, you can save significantly on utilities with a proper insulation.

  • Clean showerheads.

Clean your showerheads thoroughly every four months and they will last longer. This will help with water pressure at the same time, and it will only take you a couple of minutes. Check your caulking around your bathtub and shower while you’re there.

  • Inspect plumbing.

Check your meter, if it’s running and there is no water running in the house you have a leak somewhere. There are affordable plumbers Sydney services that will help you run a detailed check of your plumbing pipes and external drainage, from the roof to the basement, and you should consider doing this at least once a year.

  • Water heater.

Test pressure release valve, and drain water from your heater at least once per year. By doing this you are saving money on electricity, or gas, and it will run more efficiently. Be careful because you can get burned very easily, and you should also consider hiring a professional to do this, at least for the first time so you could learn how to do it properly.

If you’ve done all of the above, and checked everything, you can relax and expect no surprises. If you haven’t, bookmark this page and return to it when the problem occurs, and learn from your mistakes. Home maintenance is always more affordable than mending.

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