Hire Someone to Make Over Your Stairs!


So, Harry’s wife convinced him that they could re-do their stairs by themselves — just Harry, his wife, and the YouTube video she had found. That video showed how they re-did their stairs in only one weekend. Harry knows now that they were lying! They had to be!

Table of Contents

What it Takes

It took Harry the entire weekend just to tear out the old carpet, pull out all of the staples, and prep it for installation. It was disturbing, not fun as some demolition days show on those TV fix-it shows.

Cut your wood carefully! They say to measure twice so you can cut only once. For Harry, he thought the rule should be to measure five times per cut. It was a terrible waste of resources on those wasted pieces.

You do also need to buy

  • a nail gun
  • glue
  • table saw, and
  • all the additional supplies.

The paint is crucial. Heavy foot traffic needs the best paint, no questions asked. Harry had to paint and then seal the stairs off from his pets. It was a ridiculous inconvenience.

Why You Need Help

If you hire people who do this work, they will know the pitfalls ahead of time. All of these steps will be easier. You won’t regret paying someone to do the work competently the first time. Don’t be like Harry!

So if you are looking for a painter and decorator in Westerham, ask for all the options from the spindles and risers to paint colours and accents. You are not likely to find many options at your local big-box or hardware store.

You will notice your mistakes for a long time! Secure people who can give you that perfect finish because they do this project over and over again.

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