Finding The Right Landscaping Professional For Your Garden


After spending a long hard week at the office, each homeowner should be entitled to a weekend free from stress and worry. Those plans for having a laid back and lazy weekend, however, may be dashed if you find that your backyard and garden more resemble a jungle than a place to unwind with the family.

Tackling even small gardening projects can siphon precious hours away from your weekend. From weeding and mowing to mulching and scrubbing, by the time Sunday evening arrives, you may have only gotten an hour or two of relaxation as well as having earned yourself a sore back. This is why many homeowners choose to forego undertaking these arduous gardening tasks themselves and enlist the help of landscape gardeners in Perth.

Your Landscaper Options

Companies of all shapes and sizes may be able to offer one or more of any of the below specialities.

A Landscape Architect

This type of landscaper is well versed in planning and designing landscapes. During an initial consultation, homeowners will sit down with the landscape architect and discuss their dream garden, how their outdoor living area will be used, and their budget.

A Landscape Designer

This role is very similar to that of a landscape architect. The primary difference is that a landscape designer will not have the same designation or academic degree as a landscape architect.

This is not to say that a landscape designer is not just as good at his or her job as a landscape architect is. Look into the company’s history, their experience, their portfolio and obtain references from past clients. Many are able to deliver the same stunning results as an academically trained architect.

A Landscape Contractor

A landscape contractor will rarely be involved in the plotting and design stages, but they will be responsible for installing all of the softscape and hardscape features in your backyard

A Horticulturist or Horticulturalist

These individuals are the plant professionals who will be able to assess:

  • Why your existing plants are not flourishing;
  • Why pests are eating your leaves and flowers;
  • Which plants require less maintenance;
  • Which plants will work best in different locations around the yard.

Landscape designers and architects will often contract a horticulturist to work alongside them so that they can assess which plants will work best for your garden and your lifestyle.


An arborist knows exactly what it takes to plant, maintain, prune and remove the trees in your yard. Apart from understanding the fertilisation and nutritional needs of each tree, they also are familiar with bracing, cabling and supporting newly planted trees.

A Landscape Manager

A landscape manager’s role is to ensure that your garden remains well maintained all year long. These individuals will take on the regular maintenance of your yard themselves and make sure that it stays beautiful and continues to meet your expectations.

If your garden needs a bit of TLC, but you are not sure where to start, begin your search by calling up a reputable landscaping company here in Perth. Even if the company does not provide the specific services you need, they will be able to put you in contact with someone who can.

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