English vs French Antique Furniture – All you Need to Know


England and France have always been at the forefront of history, and as far as making fine furniture, both countries excelled, each having its own distinct style. When sourcing antiques, the online opportunities remove the hassle, and with an almost endless lists of fine pieces from every period, there’s no easier way to find what you are looking for, and if you would like some further information on both French and English periods, read on.

English Periods

English furniture covers centuries of different societies, with Elizabethan, Edwardian and Victorian periods all producing masterpieces. Checking for antique furniture dealers online will produce the best results when looking to buy, and if you are selling, the same source will give you the best price.

Walnut, Cherry and Oak

The English furniture features the best walnut, cherry and oak examples, and whether a fine Georgian writing desk, or a distinguished Victorian military chest, you can expect to see some amazing works of art that are still as functional today as they were on the day they were completed.

Simplistic & Functional

Some of the Elizabethan and Victorian designs offer simplistic functionality, and crafted by experts, this solid and dependable style is very popular today.

Refined and Clean Cut

Image Source: Pexels

English furniture offers a refined look, with sleek designs that offer visually appealing functionality, and with fine timbers like cherry and walnut, there are many excellent items. Vintage furniture in the English style does offer good value if you want dependable furniture that will last a lifetime, and prices are considerably lower that antiques.

French Antique Furniture

Probably the best collection of luxury the world has ever seen, and while the people of Paris were starving, Louis XVI commanded a closed-in society and had literally thousands of items commissioned. One could definitely say the French were more into curves, and also lavishly adorned upholstery, while the English style focused more on functionality.

Great Investment

As there were only a certain number of furniture items made during the various reigns of the French monarchy, prices are always top-notch, and if you managed to acquire a fine piece of Louis XVI furniture, if you are prepared to sit on it (or next to it) for a few years, you can expect to make a profit when you sell, and the online antique dealer will offer you the best price for what is a very sought after period.

Image Source: Pexels

It is really a matter of personal taste, and with both styles combining well, you can have a range of European pieces adorning your home. Whatever your preference in style, searching the online antique dealer is the best way to source specific items, and in the UK, many of the local antique dealers are connected with an online network.


The English style is far more accessible, due to the fact that the middle classes grew much quicker under British rule, while the French aristocracy were very much in the minority, therefore there are less items on the market. Antique English furniture is freely available with online dealers, who have a fine selection of every era, and you can pick up some great bargains.

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