Do You Need Some Extra Room in Your Home?


If you have a growing family, chances are that you are always in need of some extra space in your house. The problem is that home extensions can be pretty expensive, not to mention that fact that they can be disruptive to a family’s normal home routine. But you might already have a solution that is more flexible in your own back garden.

Have You Thought about Adding an Extra Room Out Back?

If you have a back garden, you probably already have the space for a home extension. Garden buildings can be built for just about any purpose, and the best bespoke garden buildings in Bolton offer the following possibilities:

  • Office: If you work from home, you’re probably crammed into the corner of the kitchen or in the loft. The good news is that you can have your very own office custom designed and built in your back garden. It can be insulated, wired to electricity, and carpeted to make it more comfortable.
  • Studio: If you want your own creative space, why not have a custom studio built in your back garden? It’s a great location for artists, musicians, and even crafters who want their own slice of freedom.
  • Workshop: Your existing garage might not be big enough for your tools and other things, so why not have a custom workshop built just for you?

More than Just a Shed

Garden buildings can be custom made for just about any purpose you can think of, so why not utilise the space you already have?

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