Converting a Loft Opens Up a Large Number of Design Possibilities


One of the best ways to enhance the looks and functionality of your home is to convert your loft. Instead of adding an extension, this home design option enables you to optimise your living space. When you optimise your living space, you are making full use of each metre of living area. This affordable upgrade is an investment that will make it possible to come out ahead financially as well as aesthetically.

Make a Loft Upgrade – It’s More Economical

If you want to make an investment in your largest asset, your house, opting for a loft conversion is the way to go. In fact, research shows that this type of upgrade can increase the value of your property by up to 20%. You simply cannot make this type of impact by adding an extension. Not only will you pay more, the process is slower as well.

Maximising Your Living Space

Why overlook your loft and add another room onto your property instead? If you want to avoid any poor use of space, you need to discuss a loft renovation with a high quality loft conversion company in Bristol. That way, you can better see how this type of home improvement can maximise your living space.

You can convert a loft for one of various reasons. For example, you may want to take advantage of a tax break by renting a room in your home. By converting your loft, you may be able to rent the space to a foreign student or visitor, thereby making money as soon as the upgrade is finished.

By choosing a loft conversion, you also avoid the expense and disruption of moving house. In fact the actual costs of moving continue to rise each year. Besides the expense, you also have to pay the stamp duty, property fees, and solicitor costs for the move. If you stay in the same neighbourhood, you can avoid having to make changes with respect to your employment, commute time, or switching your children’s school.

In addition, moving house entails packing and inventorying the items in your home. Plus, the current stamp duty is about the same cost as a loft conversion. As a result, moving house is not the best approach if you want to expand on your space and make the most of your property.

Expand Your View

When you can make an upgrade in the top part of the house, you can also create a space that offers you a view of the surrounding community. Loft room windows can expand your view to the downs, river, or sea.

Needless to say, if you want to open up your living space, choosing to convert your loft is as exciting as it is practical. When you choose this upgrade, you can also make the most of where you live and save a great deal of money.

In order to find out more about how this upgrade can benefit you, contact a contractor that specialises in loft conversions. Learn more about the amount of time it will take to make the conversion and see how you can fit it into your daily schedule.

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