Color Roofing Sheets


The Roofing Sheets which are used to cover from the outside part of the surface are the roofing sheets. These sheets are light in weight and can be easily installed. Having durable in nature and durable in strength, roofing sheets are also best suited for new building constructions and become the ideal and crucial material to renovate the old roofs with new ones. These sheets are resistant to rust(corrosion) and less maintenance is required. To have perfect finishing and standards roofing and cladding needs aluminum, copper, stainless steel, zinc as the base material to manufacture these excellent quality of roofing sheets. A high percentage of recycled materials are used for the featuring of these roofing sheets which makes the roofing sheets are 100% recyclable.

Tetto color provides the best and affordable roofing sheets price which can easily be taken by the clients and the customers easily.

Color Roofing Sheets are type of roofing sheets which come in various colors depending upon the choice and use. These availability of these sheets in various colors like grey, olive green, poppy red, moorland green, goose-wing grey or solvent blue etc. The color of these sheets helps to provide optimum light reflectivity with their good brightness. Color Coated Roofing Sheets are highly durable in nature having high quality color coating throughout the roof and cladding. The thickness of coating depends on the weather conditions and its use. These roofing sheets come with enamel as it is lined with these sheets and used internally.

Characteristics of Color Roofing Sheets :

Lightweight but very strong

Attractive look

Wide choice of color

Easy to install

Resistant to corrosion

Provides perfect ventilation

Being weather proof, these sheets can withstand strong winds

These sheets can be simply fitted

No tear-off


Fine finish

Low heat conductivity

Good insulation

Material of Construction :

Stainless steel, aluminum, copper, tin as the base material are used for the construction purpose. Other materials like Plastisol, Polyster are used as coloring elements. Lining panels are fabricated from lining enamels.

Tetto Color provides the roofing sheets dimensions and Color :

Thickness : Standard thickness is available in 0.50mm (TCT). It is also available in thickness of 0.60mm (TCT)

Color : These sheets are available in aesthetically attractive colors along matching the building design and structure. The dazzling colors can be poppy red, merlin grey, blue, olive green or light grey.

Size : Cut to required size of 1100mm

UV Resistance :

The Plastisol used in the construction of these sheets are Polyvinyl Chloride based Thermoplastic Resins which form short molecular chains for providing excellent UV resistance, best suited for industrial buildings.

Heat Resistance :

These sheets can endure continuous temperature from 40° to 80°. Also, these sheets provide better protection against the cold temperature.

Life :

The both surfaces of the sheets are galvanised and coated with a standard alkali wash coat. This provides excellent durability (typically 15 to 25 years to first maintenance with a life in excess of 40 years in normal environments) with a high resistance to unwanted damage or tears off.

Applications :

Residential buildings

Commercial buildings


Shopping Malls

Manufacturing Industries


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