Building Staircases and Reasons Why You Might Like To Have Them At Your Humble Abode!


Whether you’re constructing a two-story addition or perching a roof over your backyard, any project requiring more than one floor will include stairs, and that means you’re going to have to make some crucial decisions. After all, the staircase you use can make or break the success of your venture, both functionally and aesthetically.

Functionally, they must make the passage from one level to the next secure and straightforward. Aesthetically, they may serve as a powerful component of the layout, offering sharp vertical lines, rhythm, pattern, or graceful shapes. A staircase is a space for artistic, sculptural speech indoors and outdoors.

But be mindful that this path has a reliable alternative. Contractors and do-it-yourselfers can choose from a wide range of pre-constructed and ready-to-assemble high-quality stairs that are much more accessible and easier to install. This choice is discussed in detail below.

How To Have Spiral Staircases

Spiral stairs such as that of enzie spiral staircases are by far the most prevalent of the many available pre-built and knock-down stairs, no doubt because they are relatively economical in cost and space usage and because they can provide alternate access away from a house’s central “staircase heart.” Spiral stairs are suitable for two-story additions to attic or basement spaces. Also, they are a popular choice for secondary room access.

There is a wide range of options. Red oak, poplar, white oak, maple, walnut, mahogany, cherry, and other types come in hardwood stairs. Stairs made of steel and aluminum come in a variety of finishes, from galvanized hot-dipped to unique paint coatings. Treads can be stainless steel, gratings, hardwood, rubber, or plywood, or carpeting stainless steel foundation.

Whether to purchase a knocked-down kit or a full one-piece package is a crucial decision you must make when choosing a spiral stair. While kits are cheaper and significantly easier to ship, one-piece stairs appear to be more robust, are less likely to disintegrate or rust because they have fewer joints, are lighter in weight, and can be assembled for a package in as little as ten minutes as three or four hours.

Great Reasons To Have Them At Home

● Space-saving is an essential element for any home, and it’s something homebuyers are looking for while searching for land. Even if you have only a small space with which to work, all hope is not lost! It may just be a case you need a spiral layout to change your conventional staircase. Their compact design and free space in your floor plan give you more scope for furniture and accessories to make your home more homely.
● While most people first consider the functional aspects of constructing a spiral staircase, they also have an architectural benefit. Spiral staircases are grand to make the home look beautified and exclusive.
● Keep in touch with all the interiors. The advantage of choosing a spiral staircase is that it can fit all interiors. You should align your spiral staircase with its surroundings, whether your living space is traditional or modern. Spiral staircases can be made with all kinds of materials, including wrought iron, glass, and solid wood, with something for all tastes and styles of home decoration.
● Save your money. You can buy spiral staircase kits today to match all regular living spaces, and the great thing is they’re not going to cost you a lot! Spiral staircases are simpler to build and are often much cheaper than regular stairs. If you are on a tight budget, the price advantages of buying a spiral staircase for your home or business are worth considering.
● Add value to the building. While they may not be planning to move house in the near future, many people are unable to rule it out as a possible future. Any re-design or permanent alteration in your home must be carefully considered as it may impact your house’s value.

Spiral staircases have become more and more popular with homeowners who not only want to make the most of their living space but also offer a magazine-worthy finish to their homes. There’s no better choice than a spiral staircase if you’re looking for a functional and trendy staircase to give your home a unique look.

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