Asbestos Services Cover Assessments, Removal, and Disposal


If you work with a company that offers asbestos abatement, it should provide a full range of services. These services cover asbestos surveys, asbestos disposal, and the removal of the substance.

Types of Asbestos Surveys

Surveys that are taken to locate asbestos include the following:

  • Refurbishment and demolition evaluations
  • Asbestos management surveys

Types of Materials That Are Removed

If you have a survey made that determines the presence of asbestos, you will need to schedule removal and disposal. Specialists in the business can handle the removal of asbestos in the form of the following:

  • Asbestos cement
  • Textured coatings
  • Pipes

Why You Need to Contact a Professional

Certified asbestos removal services in Tonbridge must follow specific steps as the risk of contracting asbestosis is high if the material is not handled properly. Indeed, it is important to get rid of the substance as anyone living in a home that has asbestos can breathe in the fibres anytime. You want to remove the asbestos, too, in case of a windstorm or fire. If these events occur, they can send asbestos particles airborne.

If you want to ensure that your indoor environment is free of any toxic contaminants, you need to have an asbestos survey performed and follow up with removal and disposal management. A certified professional can assist you in removing the asbestos so you can enjoy a healthier indoor environment.

Plan an Asbestos Check If You Are Remodelling Your Home

Generally, asbestos is found in older homes. Therefore, if you are planning a remodel or making a construction upgrade, you need to check for asbestos.

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