Are You Keeping Warm Enough This Winter


To make sure that your central heating system is working at maximum capacity, you sometimes need to power flush the system. Doing so will give new life to your boiler. A power flush is often recommended when limescale and the metal from your pipes combine with air and water to form a buildup of sludge. When sludge enters the system, it can lead to lukewarm water, loud systems, cold radiators, and notably higher energy costs.

The Advantages of Scheduling a Power Flush

To save money on your energy bills and extend the life of your system, you need to schedule a power flush with a company that provides the best central heating services in Liskeard. By taking this approach, you can realise a number of advantages. These advantages include the following:

  • Greater Heating Efficiency: After a flush is completed, your system can work as well as a new heating system. According to statistics, systems work up to 40% more efficiently. You no longer will experience a noisy boiler or cold radiator either.
  • Better Utilisation of Heat: When a flush is performed, the radiators in your home will heat faster without the need to dial up the thermostat. In turn, you are rewarded with a lower heating bill.
  • Favourable, Long-Lasting Results: Once a power flush is completed, you usually will not have to have another one completed for about ten years.

A Quick Repair

A power flush will not disrupt you normal activities as it can be completed within hours. If you want to find a way to upgrade your current heating system that is cost-effective, a power flush is a viable and smart choice.

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