Appraising a Rising Trend in Home Improvement: Unique Fencing Solutions


Erecting an opulent fence or barrier around the perimeter of your property represents an infallible way to optimise the layout of your land, enhance security, heighten privacy, and tack on a few pounds to your home’s valuation.

But before you get the planning process underway with the high quality fencing services in Exeter, you should brush up on the four hottest trends regarding residential fences.

Practical Yet Stunning Concepts

The great part about fencing installations is that you can conceptualise and reinterpret your entire plot without any inordinate construction projects or backbreaking fees, so use the list below as an idea generator of sorts:

  • Horizontal fencing delivers a unique sense of spaciousness and it tends to add the perception of increased size to the totality of your land.
  • Modernised wooden fences are far more durable and resistant to decay than older styles, and you can repaint them as frequently as you wish to keep up a fresh appeal.
  • Integrating plants, greenery, or vines on the interior side of the fence can extend your garden and provide a natural barrier of sorts, while the external side maintains a clean-cut look.
  • Fence lighting on either side lends an essence of complexity, innovation, and modernity.

To gain insight into your options, be sure to arrange a meeting with a gardening, landscaping, and fencing authority.

Taking the First Steps

Being able to look at pictures of past projects and lay hands on the actual products will go a long way towards helping you harmonise your ideas with what’s feasible from a budgetary perspective, as well as a design standpoint, so drop a line to your local fencing mavens today.

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