Application and Types of The Water Pump


Do you know how the water is supplied to your residence? Maybe don’t but the people of rural areas know how the water is supplied. Anyway, we only know that we need to open the valve at the sink. The reason is that we do not know the internal working. The supply of water is not dependent on the neighbors. Every home these days have their Grundfos water pump to draw underground water to the home. In this article, we will discuss the working, application, and types of the pump.

What Is A Water Pump?

It is a type that uses mechanical energy to pump the water through the piping system. At the start, these pumps were not commonly used but now they are used in a wide range of farming, manufacturing applications, and housing.

Working Principal

The main principle of a water pump depends on the kinetic energy as well as positive displacement principle. These pumps use AC or DC power to operate the motor of the pump. Another kind of drivers can be diesel and gasoline. Moreover, it is a movable device and can be used in several applications. You can use them to pump water from one place to another. There are other applications too such irrigating garden, draining water from the flooded area, bathtub, refiling swimming pool, etc. A vast variety of the pumps available on the market so one should know about its requirements before buying any.

Types of Water Pump

There are two main types of water pump and these types are further categorized. These types are centrifugal and positive displacement. The main purpose of them is to constantly pump water from one place to another.

Centrifugal Water Pump

This type is designed with impellers that supple water into the pump and discharge the with force. It has further types such as submersible, standard and trash. Any liquid with low-viscosity can be pumped through these pumps. Moreover, they are designed to work with thin fluids too.

Positive Displacement Water Pump

On the other hand, positive displacement pumps are designed to supply a specific amount of flow through the stretchy diaphragm and mechanical contraction. They work well with high viscosity fluids and hence used in many industrial applications where solids are included.

How to Choose A Pump?

There are following factors that you can consider for selecting a pump:


Power means the flow rate and the horsepower.


Material that is used for building the pump such as weather-resistant.

Type of Fuel

Another factor to consider is the type of fuel it needs to operate such as gas, hydraulic, electric motor, or manual.

Applications of The Water Pump

There are many kinds of applications where a water pump can be used such as dewatering unwanted bodies of water. Moreover, they are used to pump water from the wells. Also used in the central heating system for pumping hot water from boiler to radiator and again in the boiler. They also used on construction sites for draining water.

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