A Quick Guide To Improving Your Home With A New Patio


In this day and age, we can find everything we want with little effort. All of us are looking for a good way to improve our lifestyle so we can live comfortably and healthily. However, it does take a lot of effort to learn the know-hows in terms of effectively improve your own home with your own hands.

Adding a newly laid barbecue space along within a newly built patio right outside the house can definitely promote your house into becoming a more family/friends-oriented house. Not only will it improve the look of your property, it’s functional and will improve the value.

It is a tedious process setting up everything the right way, but it can be done.

First, a path will need to be paved, preferably concrete. Gravel or stone can also be used for path formation, however, concrete will be overall much more aligned with the foundational design of your house. The diverted path will then be paved into a 16 foot by 16 foot concrete square expanding off the path. A trenching hoe and some ropes will be needed for the initial phase of path formation. Three inches of edge restraint is preferable in terms of consolidating the path. You can continue on adding layers and layers of gravel which you can purchase anywhere until you think the thickness of the diverted path is the way you wanted.

PVC pipe and lawn spikes (9 inch) can be used for zone formation and aid the construction of the base of the concrete square you are going to build for the patio. After downing the layer of concrete base, polymeric paver can be used to improve the surface.

When building the patio, gravel and brick paver will be needed, assuming you are going to build the patio with bricks. An available plate compactor will be used to pave the foundation of the patio with gravel before you build the patio with bricks. A layer of brick foundation can be formed anyway you like, as long as you know how to lay them and cut them with a water-cooled masonry saw when needed. You can use a liner to help you when you are setting up the reference lines (layout/baselines) you needed for later foundation layers.

To make sure you speed up the overall drying process, you can spread bags of dry sand over your layout.

The barbecue grill and stand can be setup whichever way you want, preferable on the edge or a corner of the patio for maximum spacing. However, if preferable to just use a portable barbecue set so you can use the patio for other purposes.

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