A Guide to Extending or Renovating your Property


There are many different reasons why people decide to renovate their home, with some deciding that the current lay out isn’t really functional and others deciding that some renewals are in order and use the chance to substantially alter the décor of the property. There are others that are essentially forced in to it, due to structural issues, or a major problem with things that are potentially dangerous, like poor electrical wiring. Regardless of the reason why, it is important that much careful thought and planning go into it. One of the biggest problems that people encounter when undertaking a renovation, is that they are not really sure what the new finished product should look like. They have some ideas about what they want, but are unable to really picture it in their mind. This is the time to call in some of the local professional building companies for some inspiration, who will generally provide you with a free of charge initial consultation.

Functionality needs to come First

Another issue that tends to come into people’s minds when renovating, is adding value to the property, especially if there is a possibility that the house might be sold at some point in the not too distant future. A good renovation will add value automatically, and if you are going to be continuing to live in the property for any reasonable period of time, then you really want to focus on ensuring that the design of the house truly works for those who live there. Thinking about add on features can leave you building a show house, that looks great, but which no one really wants to live in.

Building an Extension

Building an extension to your property is generally done because you have decided that the current property isn’t large enough and you need more room. Extensions can be quite simple and straightforward with an extra block being erected on one end of the house, but there are options available which can help you to bring style and elegance to the whole property at the same time. After all, plain brick is a little bit boring, but stone masonry from your local builders in East Kilbride can provide a stunning look to the whole property. As with a renovation, getting some guidance and inspiration from the professionals is the best first step. That extra space you are creating should fit seamlessly into the whole property, rather than being just another room upstairs and down, so a slight redesign of what is already in existence, may well be a wise decision, which makes the property feel like it was originally designed that way.

Undoubtedly, an Internet search will provide you with details of building companies in your area, but remember, there are good builders and bad ones. The industry is quite competitive, so beware of any quotations that seem abnormally cheap. What is really important is the quality of the work, so be sure to ask for some testimonials, and take the time to visit the properties they have recently worked on, to ensure that the firm you choose has a good track record in quality works.

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