A Guide to Decluttering your Home


It is oh so easy to accumulate things, and over the period of a couple of years, the family home can easily become cluttered. Anything that no longer works is usually destined for the loft or the spare room, which soon fills up with device and appliance packaging, and things that are rarely used, and as we live in the environment, we don’t notice the stuff we have lying around.

Professional House Clearance

If you are thinking of a spring clean, this is the time to declutter the home, and with affordable house clearance in Dorking, simply put everything you don’t want in a chosen area. Arrange a date and a time, and the house clearance people will remove the waste material, and with recycling a priority, you can be sure that the waste is responsibly disposed of.

Acceptable Materials

The following would be accepted by the house clearance company:

  • All rubbish, paper, metal, plastic, or anything else.
  • Old appliances.
  • Building materials.
  • Garden waste of all sorts
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Old bicycles

Long Weekend

Enlist the help of other family members and choose a long weekend, which will be more than enough time to complete the project. Start by going around the home and making a list of everything that is not wanted, you could use some stickers for easy identification.

Take a leaf out of the professional house cleaner’s book and work a single room from start to finish, and once you have all the unwanted items in one area, call your local house clearance company.

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