A Complete Guide to Air Conditioner Installation


When Willis Carrier invented the air conditioner, he could not have imagined just how popular it would eventually become. Today, air conditioners are used in millions of houses all over the globe, and are an essential household appliance, especially during the summer months. The air conditioner is designed to improve the quality of air and the temperature inside a closed environment. During the summer, it can maintain the temperature inside a house so that you don’t feel too uncomfortable.

If you live anywhere in Bournemouth, finding a local company to install your air conditioner isn’t going to be too much of a problem. Bournemouth is a large town located on the southern coast of England, and has a population of approximately 183,500 people. The town is spread over a considerable area of land, and is a very well developed area. Many local companies such as New-Air offer air conditioning installation in Bournemouth. If you have just purchased a new air conditioner, here are some basic steps that you should follow for getting it installed.

Find a Suitable Spot

The split air conditioner is the most popular kind of air conditioner used throughout England. The split air conditioner has two separate units; an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. They are connected by a couple of pipes and electrical wires. The indoor unit must be installed on a wall that has a direct opening outside. The pipes from the indoor unit must connect with the outdoor unit, which should be installed in an open area. Ideally, you can place the outdoor unit on a ledge or on the rooftop, provided you have adequate space available. Keep in mind that there is also a drainage pipe from the indoor unit that drains water constantly while the air conditioner is active, so make sure the pipe isn’t just left dangling from the top.

Installing the Wall Mount

While you can call a technician from a company such as New-Air to complete the installation, there are some simple steps that you can also perform by yourself. For instance, installing the wall mount is a pretty basic task. However, you will need to create a small bracket in the wall, so unless you know how to properly drill a big hole in the wall, it’s best if you leave this job to a professional.

Don’t Try Too Hard

Installing an air conditioner is a complicated process, and unless you are an expert and have prior experience installing them, you should generally avoid tinkering with the appliance on your own. A technician will first decide on a suitable spot for the outer unit of the conditioner, and will then measure the distance between the pipes and wires to ensure that extensions aren’t required. The air conditioner must be fitted in place by an expert who will also check to make sure it is firmly mounted, thus minimising any risk associated with the indoor unit falling off.

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