4 Important Health And Safety Signs For A Safer Living


When we discuss the health and safety signs, we are talking about a vast array of possibilities in the area of signs. They cover a large array of signs from fire safety, construction work, schools, to first aids, prohibition, hazard signs and others. The signs used on a daily basis to safeguard the general public are classified under the following categories:

  1. Fire safety

The fire safety signs are on display primarily for two reasons, firstly to prevent the start of a fire and secondly to protect the people in case a fire breaks out. The most common signs for fire safety are ‘fire door keep closed’, ‘turn to open (for directions to open safety latch of fire exit doors)’, ‘for use on electrical fires (special fire extinguishers to stop electric fire)’, ‘for use on any fire’, etc. These signs usually are available for purchase in red and blue colours and come in the hard plastic, aluminium sheets and even polycarbonate.

  1. Hazard

Hazard symbols are common in labs, power plants, construction sites and other sensitive areas that are prone to a lot of mishaps.  Some common hazard symbols are the flammable symbol (things here are easily flammable, one must keep caution), poison symbol (presence of poisonous gases) etc. Other symbols include the guard dog symbol (guard dogs present, so strangers beware), electric hazard symbol (chances of short circuits are high), bio hazard symbol, explosive symbol (the area is highly sensitive, can blow up if not cautious) etc.  These signs again come in hard plastic, aluminium sheets and even polycarbonate.

  1. Prohibition

These signs are used to caution the public of the hazards that are present and prohibit them from entering those areas. The commonly used symbols are; ‘do not use a hand held mobile phone while driving’; carry your dog/dogs; no access symbol; hold handrail escalator; no smoking symbol’; no dogs allowed etc. These are some of the most commonly seen and self-explanatory signs that come in hard plastic, aluminium sheets and even polycarbonate.

  1. Mandatory

Certain symbols are considered mandatory depending on the work being done. Signs are the simplest mode of internal communication that ensure everyone gets and understands the message properly. Here we have mentioned some of the most important ISO certified mandatory symbols like for instance; ‘wear a safety harness belt’, ‘fire safety’, ‘tie your seat belts’, etc. These are commonly used signs to convey simple messages to everyone.


Apart from the ones mentioned here in detail, you have symbols for first aid, construction sites, traffic, car parking, security, schools, quarries, hazardous substances, security, information, regulation and safety guides, catering and others. All these signs have been made to create awareness among the people that they must follow certain rules to benefit the society.

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