When to Call on a Professional Plumber


One question many homeowners face when attempting to perform home maintenance is whether or not to call on a professional plumber. Although it may appear to be more cost-effective to do the work on your own at first glance, the opposite is nearly always the case. This is because professionals have the right tools, experience, and training to handle anything that you might need done in your home and there are many reasons that they further save you time and money with their help.

Clogged Sink

Although it should be obvious that a clogged sink is something important to address, it can be quite surprising to learn how complex this type of fix can become in a short amount of time. Clogs may commonly form right below the entrance of a drain and it is possible to treat the clog using store-bought unclogging solution; however, this is only true if the clog is relatively small and easily broken up. What these products do not explain is that they cannot stand up to a sturdy clog or stop a more serious problem such as a clog somewhere deep in your piping system.


Another serious sign of trouble, flooding can happen at any time of the day or night and you need professionals to help you find the source of the water leak before you experience even worse property damage. North London Heating and Plumbing are highly recommended plumbers in Enfield and such professionals are capable of quickly discovering where and why a flooding leak started and can help you to reverse the damage as much as possible. The faster that they address the problem, the less damage you must repair to your floors, walls, ceiling, and belongings.

No Hot Water

Issues with a boiler can be simple to fix or require a number of specialty tools and hours of time or it could be that you need it replaced altogether. No hot water, especially during the height of winter, is not something that can be ignored and only a professional can safely handle repairs. Boilers require specialty tools, years of experience, and confident handling to install and repair and having someone with all of these things on your side should offer peace of mind.

Overflowing Toilet

A toilet should allow just enough water into the bowl to catch falling waste and then remove it without issue and anything beyond these two functions should be cause for concern. When an overflowing toilet is an issue in a home, it can cause serious damage to the flooring and nearby furniture and it can also be a health risk to anyone within proximity of the wastewater. This is because much of the water sent out of a toilet during an overflow is wastewater from the sewage line and it is critical that you have this clog and backflow fixed as soon as possible for the safety of your household.

A professional plumber is always the best answer when you are in trouble. Your plumbing system is far more deceptive than you might think and having a plumber to work through this complexity can make things a great deal easier.

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