What to Do if you Experience a Blocked Drain


For the Australian Home owner, a blocked drain is not something to be taken lightly and upon realising this, panic is likely to set in. A blocked drain could be caused by a range of issues and the first thing to do is call an emergency plumber who can identify the blocked area and take action to clear the blockage. Typically, emergencies such as these tend to happen in the middle of the night and rather than wait until the morning, you would be well advised to call out an emergency plumber.

Hi Tech Solutions

The modern plumber would have state of the art equipment to help them diagnose issues and carry out effective repairs, which include CCTV tracked vehicles that can travel down sewer pipes and give the technician a close-up view of the actual blockage. This enables the repairs to be carried out quickly and as the blockage can easily be located, there is less digging to do. Gone are the days when trenches needed to be dug to find the blocked section and this saves the technician a lot of time, and for the customer, that equates into a saving.

High Pressure Water Cleaners

One way of removing a drain blockage is to fire water at very high pressure down the pipes and this is often enough to clear the blockage. The modern plumber would have a state-of-the-art mobile unit with everything he needs to tackle any plumbing issue and as long as you give him some idea of the problem over the phone, he will arrive suitably prepared. If you have blocked drains in Adelaide, the Internet will help you to locate an emergency plumber, who will arrive within minutes rather than hours.

Avoid Tackling the Blockage yourself

Unless you really know what you’re doing (and have all the equipment), a drain blockage is best left to the experts, as they have both the know-how and the equipment to promptly deal with the blockage. By trying to unblock the drain, you could impact the problem, making it even harder for the professional to do his job and that might even cost you more at the end of the day. Locating the blockage is the first thing the plumber will do and using cutting edge technology, the blockage can normally be located without any problem.

Preventative Measures

There are things you can do to minimise the risk of a blocked drain, which includes covering all sink and shower holes with a fine mesh that will trap hair and other items, thus keeping the drainage pipes clear. The kitchen sink is a prime location for a blocked drain, which would likely be caused by pouring food waste and cooking oil down the sink. You should have a small plastic bin near the sink and make it a rule that all food waste is scraped into the bin and this can be put on your compost heap to fertilise the garden plants at a later date.

If the worst should happen and you find yourself with blocked drains, don’t panic and call a local emergency plumber who will be able to solve the problem in no time.

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