What Do Drain Repair Companies Do?


There are some things in life that are beyond a mere annoyance, and sitting near the top of that list are drainage problems. You might not think about drainage problems until something goes wrong. However, once your basement is flooded, or your toilet backs up into the bathroom, that problem needs to be fixed fast before the damage becomes extensive. While you might have been able to unclog your kitchen sink, consider whether you have ever cleared a floor drain, or a toilet, or maybe had to go through a flood of several inches of water first? Probably not. And nor do you want to. Fortunately, there is a company that does drain repair in Leeds. You merely need to do an Internet search. To find one. Here are some of the things that drain repair companies do.

  • Pump Outs-you can’t find the source of the problem under a foot of water, so a drain repair company will always be prepared to pump out water that has accumulated due to clogged drains, sewer back surges and even river flooding.
  • Root Cutting, Relining and Water Jetting-there are so many things that can clog pipes, even tree roots. A drain repair company can cut tree roots, water jet away clogs and even reline or repair broken pipes without extensive and expensive digging.
  • CCTV Surveys– it’s always best to nip potential problems in the bud before they occur. With cutting edge CCTV drain surveys, root intrusion, displaced joints and pipe blockages can be diagnosed before they cause damage.

Your local drain repair company may be your best friend someday. When you see signs of possible flooding, or clogs, or any other drainage problems, call them immediately to prevent expensive damage to your home.

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