Various Types Of Worktop One Can Plan To Install In The Kitchen


Worktops are an integral part of any kitchen. It is the place where you mix all the ingredients, cut vegetables, fruits, or marinate your chicken. The worktop is exposed to a wide range of different food powders and colourings as well. Since it comes in contact with a wide range of different products, the material used in such worktops mustn’t react with these food ingredients. Moreover, many of these ingredients impart colour to the surface that it comes in contact with. You need to choose such a material that does not get stained by these colours. There are different materials that you can use to make the worktop for your kitchen.

Quartz Worktops

Although quartz is a man-made stone, it is as durable as natural stone. The entire surface of a quartz marble is even and polished, thus the finishing is exquisite. Quartz is made up of waste materials, and therefore, helps in the recycling of wastes. It does not chip easily and also does not require much maintenance cost. Quartz is also scratch-proof. Quartz is also resistant to stains since it is non-porous. As a result, you do not have to fear any liquid seeping into the marble. The only disadvantage that a quartz worktop proposes is that it cannot withstand very high temperatures and can also prove costly to you. If you do not have an issue with such drawbacks, you can search for the best quartz worktops London.

Granite Worktops

Granite worktops are highly popular amongst several cooks. It provides a natural, stylish look to the kitchen. The granite marbles are highly durable, and therefore can last for a long period. Granite stones can withstand high temperatures, thus allowing you to keep hot food on them. Granites are hygienic, and therefore do not possess any health hazard. You can easily clean a granite worktop, thus saving you a lot of time and energy. However, Granite worktops cannot be repaired once damaged, and it is porous and requires regular sealing. Also, granite stone is heavy and needs a solid supporting base.

Ceramic Worktops

Ceramics are harder than graphite or quartz, although the thickness can be lesser than their counterparts. These materials are highly versatile. The sleek design of a ceramic worktop will provide a refined look to your kitchen. Ceramic worktops are also cheaper than their counterparts. They are highly durable and can be resistant to moisture and heat. You do not need to replace a ceramic worktop for years. However, ceramic worktops have an uneven surface. If it gets damaged, you cannot get it repaired. If there is any spillage, you need to clean immediately. If you want to clean a ceramic worktop, use a damp cloth and avoid using bleach.

Cooking is an intensive process that generates a lot of wastage. Therefore, such a process will require sturdy materials to support it. You must install a durable worktop in your kitchen that can complement your kitchen look and withstand all the weight and temperature-related items for a long period.

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