Tips for Air-Conditioning Maintenance in London


When it comes to air-conditioning maintenance in London, a little upkeep regularly can really go a long way. There are instances where you might not have, someone readily available to perform air conditioning repair in London, hence before you think about scheduling a maintenance visit, here are a few things that you can take care of that will help you in improving the comfort and the efficiency of your air conditioning in London.

The first and foremost maintenance task that is usually really important and also goes a long way in improving the efficiency of your air conditioning in London is to routinely replace or regularly clean the air filters of your air conditioner. As a general rule, you need to replace the 1-inch pleated filters at least once a month. In case you are and not sure about the type of filter that you should be using your Hamilton air conditioning and dealer can recommend you one on the basis of your specific system. You can rest be assured, that as your air conditioning in London dealer, we will come to check, clean and make sure to replace your filters, whenever we come for an annual maintenance visit.

An important thing to remember is that you need to actually pay much needed and frequent attention to the filters if you keep your air conditioning in London in constant use or are subjected to dusty conditions, or have pets in the house. You can always contact us at Hamilton Air Conditioning London to figure out what Is the frequency of filter change that you should be doing.

The second tip would be cleaning up the air conditioner’s coils as often as you can, or at least whenever you see that they look grimy. The fact of the matter is that your air conditioning in London’s evaporated and condenser coils have a tendency to accumulate first overtime. This dirt ends up reducing the airflow and insulates the coil which reduces its ability to absorb all that heat. Outdoor condenser coils can become very dirty as well in case the outdoor environment is really dusty or if there is foliage nearby. In order to avoid these problems, we, your air conditioning maintenance in London dealers visit and cleans your air-conditioners coils when necessary when we revisit for annual maintenance.

Another factor that really impacts the performance of your air conditioner and creates issues that might widen the need of air conditioning repair in London, is that, after a period of time the leaves, foliage etc. will end up building up on the outside of your air conditioning in London which ends up decreasing your system capacity and also reduces the airflow. Hence, what you need to do is to make sure that you trim all the plants and leaves around from air conditioning in London unit so as to keep the airflow to and from the air conditioner is not impeded in any way.

Last but not the least one more factor that can impact your air conditioning in London is all the Aluminum fins that are there on evaporator and condenser coils can be easily bent and end up blocking the airflow through the coil. When a scenario like this arises, the best thing to do is to call us up for air conditioning maintenance in London. We will make a visit and make sure that all the coil fins are straightened out ensuring that there are no more impediments to the airflow in your air conditioning in London. Being a seasoned veteran in the field of air conditioning maintenance in London – Hamilton air conditioning always delivers the best results that help enhance the performance of your air conditioners.

If you follow the aforementioned tips, you can prolong the quality and life of your air conditioning in London, after all, if you do not have the comfort at the time you need it, the entire purpose is defeated. Hence make sure that you take adequate care and you will find that summer passed by like a breeze with your attention to air conditioning maintenance in London – after all everyone wants their summers to be a pleasant one and not one where you have to spend it without air conditioning in London.

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