Three Reasons to Replace the Roof of Your House


Although some roof problems can be repaired, if there is water leaking through it, then you should consider replacing it. There are several causes of roof leaks, including:

  • Tile damage
  • Cracks in ridge tile
  • Verge tile mortar damage
  • Damage to lead flashings
  • Roof valley blockage

There are other signs that you should consider replacing the roof of your house.

Missing Tiles

It is a good idea to check the roof of your house after severe weather and when the snow melts in the spring. Look for missing tiles, asphalt shingle granules in the guttering, and places on the roof that are weak or buckling. Contact local roofing companies regarding inspections and get estimates to replace the roof if you find such damage.

Sagging Roof

Check the roof from the ground and look for areas that appear to be sagging or drooping. The roof could have damage from moisture being trapped under the roofing, there could be rotting roof timbers, or the rafters may have fallen. Go into the attic to check for damage to avoid falling through an unstable roof and call affordable roofing services in Leeds about the costs of replacing the roof.

Roof’s Age

Check your home repair records to find out when you last had work done on the roof, including replacing it. If it’s been 15 to 20 years or more, you should consider replacing the roof to maintain the value of your home.

Although roof replacements can be expensive, they are necessary to keep your home in good condition.

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