The Various Styles of Carpet Pile


Carpet pile is a crucial factor when selecting a new carpet, and there are two main types of pile, which are:

  • Cut Pile – The fibres are cut after they are weaved into the backing.
  • Loop Pile – The fibres are looped, instead of cut.

Cut Pile Styles

The various cut pile styles include the following:

  • Cut Pile Plush – A soft, upright finish that is rather formal.
  • Cut Pile Twist – A luxurious feel that is also hardwearing, making it ideal for high traffic areas.
  • Frieze – Longer pile gives it a shaggy look, and with fibres going off in all directions, the Frieze look is ideal for living rooms and bedrooms.

Loop Pile Styles

Loop pile also comes in a range of styles that include:

  • Level Loop Pile – A textured loop finish that does not show footprints, and is suitable for high traffic areas.
  • MultiLevel Loop Pile – This textured finish can create attractive patterns, with loop of different sizes.
  • Sisal – A textured finish in straight rows that is also very durable.
  • Level Cut and Loop Pile – A smooth finish that comes in a range of patterns with two different heights to make very attractive patterns.

Talk to your local carpets supplier in Walsall, who would stock all of the above pile types, plus a few more that we have not mentioned, and with their expertise, choosing the right carpet is never an issue. Investing in a new carpet should give you many years of trouble-free use, and with the right care and attention, the carpet should always look good.

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