The Best Ways To Secure File Cabinets


In today’s technologically advanced world, many of our most significant documents are stored digitally. We take considerable care to safeguard our digital files. Our computers are password-protected, and each user’s files and folders are encrypted. To keep prying eyes away from sensitive documents, however, a lot of people still rely on cheap file cabinet locks. Drawer opening is prevented by these weak locks, which make it simple to pick a file cabinet lock. With a little bit of skill, anyone can open that cabinet in under 30 seconds. A more robust filing cabinet security system is required if you have paper records that are private or sensitive.

Sensitive information is kept on paper in many industries. Most of this data eventually gets scanned and stored electronically. Nonetheless, a lot of paper documentation is still produced when projects are in process. Confidentiality in certain fields is governed by privacy laws such as HIPAA. One such industry is the medical field. Businesses that should be concerned about file security include the following examples:

  • Clinics
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Legal firms
  • Financial institutions

Do you need a secure file cabinet?

Lots of companies must safeguard sensitive data against unauthorized individuals’ haphazard access. Sometimes, only one or two employees in a specific office have access to a file. In these situations, a strong lock on the file cabinet drawers will suffice if you lock the office door when no one is inside. But what if you allow access to a greater number of individuals or the file cabinets are located in a busy area? After that, it might be crucial to document who opens the file cabinet and when. You must install an electronic lock that can identify specific users and logs each access in order to have such an audit trail.

File cabinet lock replacement

Locks with keys

Some of the best locks available are made by Medeco. They are well made and have an excellent key control system. FireKing file cabinets come standard with Medeco cabinet locks, which are available in a range of styles.

Combination locks

If you’re searching for a mechanical lock that uses a combination rather than a key, the Simplex 9621C29-26D-41 Cross-Throw lock is a decent option. It has five buttons instead of three, so there are a lot more combinations that can be made. One combination can only be active at a time with this lock, but you can adjust that at any time.

Electronic locks

You need an access control system for your files if you need to keep track of who is accessing them and when. The RCI cabinet lock, which uses access cards, is one illustration of this. It’s simple to determine who has access to the files because every card has a special code. In order to receive notifications whenever a cabinet or drawer is opened, these locks may come with monitoring services. You can equip your cabinets with locking bars on the outside to provide an extra degree of security. These are metal bars that slide over each drawer in your file cabinet vertically. You use a padlock to keep them safe. Locking bars are probably best for files you don’t frequently access or for use after business hours due to their design. An added bonus for easier use is that the Abus file cabinet locking bar is hinged, meaning that when it is unlocked, it swings free of the drawers without needing to be taken out of the cabinet.

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