The Advantages of a Bonded Resin Driveway


You will enjoy a number of benefits—both aesthetic and functional—when you choose bonded resin for your driveway. This type of gravel paving is often installed at residences and public locations in the UK. The paving for the drive uses a scatter system where resin is applied to concrete or tarmac. Stones are then scattered over the spot that adhere to the resin material. For these stones, property owners can select from natural hues and tones or coloured aggregates.

Customise Your Driveway

Because of the simplicity of applying this natural-looking paving, it is often installed at visitor centres, at car parks, and along walking paths. In addition, the scatter-system surface application for the driveway can be customised according to your preferences. Therefore, you can achieve a natural-looking pavement that you help create.

An Anti-slip Surface

Because you can use variously-coloured stones, you can match the surfacing with the surrounding architecture and landscape. Also, bonded resin driveways in Bishop’s Stortford feature a rough type of textured finish, which gives the drive an anti-slip quality. As a result, this type of pavement is frequently added to walkways and inclines.

Easy to Maintain

If you have a great deal of vehicular traffic on your driveway, you can rest assured that a bonded resin surface will withstand the abuse. This types of driveway also stands up well to weathering. In addition, you will find that it does not require a lot of maintenance. All you need to do is sweep the surface and pressure wash it every now and then in order to remove any dirt.

A Long-lasting Surface

A bonded resin pavement is superior to a gravel surface, as it will not lose any gravel or stones when it rains, sleets, or snows. This type of driveway system can last for up to fifteen years, too. It just depends on the design and specifications of the pavement.

Reduce Your Risk for Liability

Businesses and homeowners alike both appreciate this type of pavement, as it offers the type of surface that prevents slipping and lends traction instead. Therefore, you do not have to worry as much about liability. Visitors to your home or business are less likely to slip and fall on this type of pavement.

A Solid Surface Choice

So, if you are considering using this type of paving on your own driveway or walkway, you will realise a number of advantages. Again, this type of surface does not feature any loose gravel or stone. Instead, the stones that are scattered are permanently bound by a resin material.

Revive the Surface of Your Driveway or Walkway

You can also makes this pavement as thick as you like. It simply depends on the application and size of aggregate. Plus, this type of surface can be laid in a quick amount of time. For example, two men can lay as much as thirty square metres per hour. In addition, you can revive a tired or worn-looking surface by overlaying it with this application. And if you desire, you can even have patterns or designs incorporated into the pavement.

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