The 2 Benefits Of Liquid Screed Over The Traditional Screed In The Flooring Industry.


In business or in your home, it is always important to have level floors because if you didn’t, it would create all kinds of issues. No matter what kind of floor you are laying, it needs to have a layer of screed initially, so that the surface is even throughout. Flooring contractors choose liquid screed as their first choice and for good reason. The choice of screed that they choose can make a massive difference to the final finish when the floor is completed.

Liquid screed is the best option and you can find affordable liquid screeding in Hayling Island at a very affordable price. It offers many additional advantages over traditional screed.

  1. You can install it faster and there is a lot less work involved when you compare it to the traditional concrete screed. Because it is a liquid, it flows much more easily and doesn’t take long to install it. For floating floors it is the flooring contractor’s first choice every time.
  2. It dries really fast and this allows work to continue at a faster pace. There is no waiting around for days and days for it to dry and it is usually ready to walk on between 24 to 48 hours after it is first put down. This is a major reason why people choose it for their homes.

It is the sensible and the quickest way and so it makes sense to choose liquid screed every time when it comes to your new floors.

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