Styling Hacks Interior Decorators Want You to Know


Interior decorators are a godsend. They transform plain spaces into something functional and reflective of the homeowner’s personality. Because of this, working with them is indeed a privilege. Not only do they enhance the overall look of a place, they also give you tips which you can take even after they have finished designing your home. So, before anything else, here are some hacks they want you to know:

Pick Three Colours

Pick a colour scheme that closely mirrors your style and personality. This colour palette must be composed of at least three hues that you’ll be using in your space. One of these colours must be for your walls and other big areas, whilst another colour should be used for larger accents and furniture. The last shade should be used in smaller pieces, so these can fully pop up in an elegant manner. An example of this would be to use white for your walls, grey for your couch and teal for your pillows.

Incorporate Texture to Your Home

If you want to have a room that’s all in one colour, this can get pretty boring. This is particularly applicable if you tend to lean towards neutral shades. However, you can fix this by using texture. You can use velvet material to line your couch, install Adelaide plantation shutters and can even put rattan chairs. With texture in your home, you can create a richer and more organic environment.

Add Statement Pieces

Many homeowners feel that using small pieces of furniture will help free some space. What they don’t understand is that these make more clutter around the room. In fact, these may even be confusing to the eye.

To help address this concern, try using functional statement pieces such as a large sofa with two slim chairs. Mixing furniture not only lends more balance, it also makes the space seem put together.

To get more home improvement ideas, you can also hire luxury home builders on the Sunshine Coast to spruce up your home. They can help make your imagination come to life.

Author: Carrie Sze

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