Struggling to Maintain a Timber-Laden Property? Call on Your Local Tree Surgeon


If you lack experience with arboreal upkeep tactics and maintenance techniques, you should avoid climbing up on an unstable ladder and attempting to trim your own trees. You’ll expose yourself to injury risks and, more often than not, DIY tree-trimming efforts usually end up causing more harm than good.

However, it’s important to note that your local tree surgeons in Devon are more than just branch-cutters and twig-snappers as they also provide stump removal services and machines for hire, not to mention the fact that you can purchase wood chippings and dried logs directly from their headquarters. So, if you’d like to beautify your property in a comprehensive fashion and breathe new life into your trees without tearing a hole through your wallet, look no further than your local team of tree surgeons.

Tree Surgery

Upon arrival, the team of experts will enact an arboreal upkeep process comprised of two specific phases, both of which are shown below:

  1. Beautification: As your team of tree surgeons begins trimming decaying branches, removing mouldy limbs, and carefully amputating slow-growing stems, you’ll notice an immediate boost to your property’s curb appeal. From section felling and crown reductions to pollarding and coppicing, these experts can truly do it all.
  2. Growth Support: With the implementation of effective pruning techniques, the team of surgeons will be able to revitalise even the unhealthiest of trees. Removing dead branches and rotting limbs allows trees to better circulate vital nutrients, which encourages wholesome growth and fruit production (if applicable).

Stump Removal

If certain trees need to be cut down and removed entirely, you can rest easy knowing that your local tree surgeons come equipped with the tools and know-how needed to effectively eviscerate any kind of stump. With a highly-efficient stump grinder at their disposal that features incredibly durable tungsten carbide teeth, the team of surgeons will be able to remove the stump, clear the area, and apply re-turfing provisions with astonishing ease and efficiency.

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