Six Options for Commercial Security Fencing


One of the security measures many companies take is to put a fence around their parking areas, mainly if they distribute high-value merchandise to their customers. A security fence helps keep would-be intruders off their premises. Here are six options for security fencing for your business. If you want to be more creative with fencing try here.

Wooden Hoarding

If you need a cost-effective way to protect your property from intruders, then wooden hoarding fencing may be a good choice. Since it is wooden boards secured by wooden posts set in concrete, it is durable and can only be taken down by machinery. It is a good option for keeping construction sites and abandoned lots concealed.

Heras Fencing

This type of fencing is often used where temporary fencing is needed. If you need crowd control at an event or have recently had your property landscaped, you can have this type of fencing put up, and then taken down after it has fulfilled its purpose. Many companies rent Heras fencing on an as-needed basis, or companies can buy it to use when they need it.

Chain Link Fencing

When chain link fencing is attached to metal or concrete posts, it is flexible but sturdy enough to keep out intruders. It is available at several heights so that it can be used for residential purposes or commercial ones. If higher security fencing is needed, barbed or razor wire can be placed at the top of the chain link to keep others out or, at correctional facilities, keep people inside the fence.

Mesh Panel Fencing

This type of security fencing is long lasting, durable, and it can be aesthetically pleasing. The mesh panels are available in different colours, such as green, black, and a variety of others. The mesh can be attached to posts of different styles to secure the perimeter of a building and its grounds. The fencing allows others to see in or out without compromising the security it can provide your business.

Palisade Fencing

Steel palisade fencing in Oxford is a popular fencing option for businesses because it provides a substantial barrier that is difficult to climb over, so it helps keep intruders off their premises. It is made from hot and cold rolled steel sections with either “D” or “W” profiles. The W profiles provide the highest security available for this style of fencing.

High-security Fence Options

It is easy to make most types of fencing into high-security fencing by adding security options. For instance, on chain link or palisade fencing, razor or barbed wire can be added to the top to prevent intrusions or to keep people within the confines of the fence. Also, security spikes can be added to the top of palisade or concrete fences to discourage climbing over it.

Before purchasing security fencing for your company, get a security assessment so you can choose the best type of fencing for your company’s needs. Other options may include electric fences or underground barriers to providing more security for your business and the surrounding premises.

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