Review of Cineak Home Cinema Seating


If you are looking to install a home cinema within your property, you will have to select cinema seating to ensure you watch your favourite films in peace and comfort. There are many different brands available, but one of our favourites that we thought we would examine in greater detail is Cineak Home Cinema Seating.

Cineak Home Cinema Seating is able to offer the finest quality seating for any size of home cinema. Those who have purchased and installed the cinema seating have all commented positively on the value for money that they offer. The Cineak Home Cinema Seating range comes in many different sizes. Whether you are looking for traditional cinema seating, or lounge couches, Cineak has it all. We are certain you will find a style that suits your own taste. A good advantage of this range of seating is that if you have the Crestron Home Automation System installed within your property, it is possible to control the seating using this home automation technology.

Bespoke Cinema Seating to Match Your Needs…

All elements of Cineak Home Cinema seating are totally bespoke to your needs. The types of customizations available are too many to mention. The seating can come with many integrated accessories such as chilled cup holders and Onyz under lit tables. Some customers even elect to install tactical transducers.

For those of you who are planning to install this seating as part of a wider home automation system, Custom Controls favour the use of Cineak Cinema Seating. This is because past clients have loved the quality. Here are the seats that are available in the range.

Cineak Fortuny Recliner Seating

If you are looking for a traditional cinema seating setup, this is what you should chose. This luxurious take from Cineak on the traditional cinema seat creates another level of comfort allowing you to enjoy your favourite films in complete bliss.

Cineak Intimo Relaxed Cinema Seating

For those looking for a more relaxed type of seating, you may wish to choose seating from the lush Intimo range. We’d recommend these seats if they are meant for family use and for love birds looking to cuddle up together.

Cineak Cosymo Sofa Seating

For those who are looking for a more high-end finish, you may wish to check out the Cosymo sofa seating range.

Cineak Cinema Seating Design

If you are interested in installing home cinema seating in your property, and wish to find out more information, we’d recommend that you check out

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