Repair vs Replace: How to Find the Best Roofing Solution


If your roof shows signs of damages, the next question is whether it needs a repair or replacement. It is somewhat a challenge and difficult thing to know which is best recommended. The best way to find the proper solution to a damaged roof is to contact a specialist from roof restoration Sydney. They can help decide if your roof needs a repair versus replacement and find the best roofing solution.

Roof repair can cost anywhere from $150 to $3,000. While roof replacement may cost anywhere from $4,900 to $14,100. The cost depends on different factors like the material, location and permits, slope and size of the roof, and unique elements like chimney and skylights. 

Repair vs Replace: How to Find the Best Solution

To find the best solution needed for your roof damage, here are some comparisons and considerations about roof repair versus replacement. 

Age of the Roof. The first factor to consider whether you’ll need to repair or replace a damaged roof is its age. Copper, slate, and tiled roofs commonly last for 50 years. Wood roofs commonly last for 30 years. Cement roofs commonly last for 25 years. Asphalt roofs commonly last for 20 years. Your roof could last longer than its lifespan if properly maintained. But even if your roof hasn’t reached its lifespan but shows signs of aging and deterioration, it is better to replace it rather than have a roof repair. It can be worth the investment to get a new roof instead of repeatedly paying for a repair.

Cost of the Repair or Replacement. Another big consideration is the cost of the repair or replacement for your damaged roof. Everybody needs to be practical and smart in their spending. In general roof repairs cost cheaper than roof replacement. But you have to consider the long term. Roof restoration in Sydney commonly advises households on the cost of the repair together with how long such a repair can last. If you think that within a year, you may pay a slew of repairs that may eventually exceed the cost of reroofing, then it may be better to have a roof replacement. A roof replacement may be more expensive up front but it saves you time from attending to repeated repairs that exceed or match the replacement cost when they add up. 

The extent of the Roof Damage. You should also consider the extent of your roof damage to decide whether you need a roof repair or replacement. Roof restoration in Sydney commonly advises a roof replacement if your roof is deteriorated in appearance or has lots of physical damages. Consider both the aesthetic and physical damage to your roof. Old and worn roofs and those with prominent moss formation should be replaced. Bald spots, curled edges, cracked shingles, dented components, or rusting panels should thoroughly be checked. If they pose a risk of a falling roof, they have to be replaced instead of repaired.

Geographical Area. You should also consider the environment where you live to decide on a roof repair versus replacement. Do you live in a place frequented by hail storms, hurricanes, or tornadoes.? You have to make sure that your roof is tight and strong to battle extreme weather conditions. In such cases, damaged shingles need to be replaced instead of repaired. 

Roof Leaks. The most common reason why households need a roof repair is a leak. A leaky roof is very tricky. You might see some water stains on your ceilings or wall. If so, you may need to call a roof restoration in Sydney to assess the damage. Small leaks can lead to larger damages. A trained eye can help you find the best solution to a leaky roof.

The Bottom Line

Generally, households need to do a roof repair for minor to moderate roof damages. These may include a small patch on leaks, minor sealing, and simple fastening issues. If the roof damages are concentrated on a certain section of the roof, it may be wise to consider partial reroofing. But if there are major and multiple damages to your roof, especially if they are too old, it is much wiser to opt for a roof replacement. 

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