Preparing Your Home Before the Painters & Decorators Arrive


If you’ve just hired a professional painting and decorating service to revamp the look of your home, there are some things you’ll need to do before they arrive at your property. Qualified painters and decorator in Dundee offer competitive rates that are perfect for transforming your residential property. They take the hassle out of home improvements by offering a professional service that anyone can afford. The following points are some of the main reasons why so many UK homeowners choose to hire a skilled painter and decorator to refurbish their property.

  • They can work while you work.
  • They offer a quality service which you won’t get with a DIY job.
  • A professional will have it done in half the time it takes you.
  • They have access to all the latest equipment.
  • Professionals are fully trained in all the best methods of application.

To make it easier for you painters and decorators when they arrive at your home, here are some things you can do which will be a great help to them and ultimately you.

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Clean whatever area they will be working in – this means getting out the vacuum and duster and removing all kinds of dirt and cobwebs from the room. You should also remember to clean the windows, doors and skirting.

Clear the Room

There should be nothing left in the room – if you can’t move bulky items such as a piano, make sure they are properly covered to avoid any damage. In addition, don’t forget to remove all wall hangings.

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