Making Money Off Scrap Metal – Useful Tips


You can find scrap metal all over the place, from your backyard to your friend’s garage. Many people throw it away because they’ve no idea they can make money from it if they bring it to a scrap yard. You can go door to door and ask people if they’d like you to remove their junk, or you create some flyers and see if anyone calls. When you’ve collected a sizeable amount of scrap metal in Coalville, you can bring it to the local scrap yard, and have it valued. Just remember when collecting metal, you must get permission if you decide to take some from a building or demolition site that doesn’t belong to you.

You can make money on a wide range of metals, both ferrous and nonferrous.

  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel & Iron

You’ll need a magnet to find out whether you have ferrous or nonferrous metal.

Getting the Most from Your Collection

Knowing how to sort and categorise each metal is important for any collector or someone who is just trying to make a few extra pounds. Make sure you put each type of metal in a separate container before you arrive at the scrap yard. If you’ve more valuable metal at the bottom of the container and they only see the top, you’ll get less money for your load.

When it comes to weighing, you’ll want your metal free of any extra attachments. So, keep it clean and remove extra components.

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